Purple Rain

So I did only do my manicure yesterday, but shortly after the lacquer dried I had a new idea.  I became mildly obsessed with a deep plum purple polish with flecks of gold and purple in it.  So I went hunting, but came up empty handed.  Luckily, my sister is as much of a polish addict as I am and happened to have the perfect colour.  It's Rimmel's Night Before, which I did two coats of and then added purple sparkles to the base of the nail.  I'm not sure how old this polish is, but I found it came out rather clumpy.  In its defense it did even out after a moment or two of settling.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result.  For all of my manicures I use Seche Clear's basecoat and Seche Vite's topcoat, which has an unparalleled finish.  Honestly, it dries SO FAST and has great wear.