It's Time To Get Intimate

Okay dearest readers, I'm giving you an (optional) assignment for the weekend, which as per usual I'm going to be taking off from blogging.  Here's the deal:

Having recently completed my degree, there is now an upcoming grad event, which as I understand it is the University equivalent of prom, that I have taken on the Promethean task of getting in shape for.  I'm talking I restarted my running regime, and have started doing sit-ups, push-ups, crunchies, etcetera every day.  Today, for example, I spent a solid 60 minutes swimming laps at the pool.  I've also tried to cut out snacks and junk from my diet - ugggghhhh.  The worst.  The goal is to put a dent in the stress-pounds that I routinely put on around term papers/exams time and have yet to work off.  Anyway, I'm over-sharing so I'll get to the point.

On Monday I'm heading into town to look for a dress to wear.  This dress is going to be pulling a double shift because I'll be busting it out for the Toronto International Film Festival that I'll be attending this fall.  The grad party's theme is masquerade, and currently I'm looking to find something from BCBG with a little flair (as you can see).  I've scouted through their stuff and come up with some beauties, but I thought that I'd give you all a chance to weigh in now that I've opened up posts to comments.  So, here are the options, feel free to name your favourites!  All photos from http://www.bcbg.com/home/index.jsp.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

 Option 6:


  1. Option 1! show off your gorgeous legs, and you're the one who blogged about the one-shoulder thing being in now! Also it's a colour but dark, so slimming ;)

  2. No 5 and No 6 are my pics. Take a look at the Academy Awards line up and our host Olivia in her beautiful blue dress. Red or Blue would be stunning. There were many beautiful red dresses on the Red Carpet and they really did belong there.