Moral of the Story: Epic Fail

Alright kids.  I have an apology to make.  I have been very M.I.A. over the last few weeks, and for the few of you who check regularly it's annoying.  Most recently some renovating has been going down in my humble abode, and so it has taken most of my time and energy, and then last week I was off to my old Alma Mater to get my grad photos done.  It was quite the trip and definitely worth the foot of snow that greeted my arrival.  None of that would be toooo troubling to my blogging though.  The real problem has been my hard drive's recent decision to crash.  Permanently.  So, off my laptop went to get fixed, where it was given a whole new hard drive.  The important part is that I lost all my usernames, passwords, and PHOTOS.  So all the work I've been putting in to collecting photos for the blog are now gone, and it seems like quite the Herculean task to reassemble them with all this other business going down.  Pardon the complaining, but ARRRRGGGGGGGGGG.  Anyway, to try and make up for my epic fail, I'll throw ya'll a fashion tidbit until I can come up with something better.

One trend I've noticed emerging over the last year or so is that of cargo pants - specifically green skinny cargo pants.  You may have seen such celebrities as Leighton Meester, Victoria Beckham, and Vanessa Hudgens among others all rocking this look.

I love the neutral colour and also that they're a fun alternative to jeans and leggings, which I seem to live in.  What stopped me from getting them was a concern over the bulk - the flap pockets on the sides and back made me worry they would create a lumpy silhouette on anyone not supermodel slim.  So for a while that was that, and I forgot about them.  Then recently our (only) local clothing store went under, and so they've been having closing sales for the last week or so.  Today I went to check it out, and what did I find but skinny green cargo pants!  Unable to resist temptation I threw them on, and after some debate (which was quickly settled by 40% discount) I brought them home.  I am now totally pleased.  it seems the key to avoiding bulk is to find a lightweight stretchy fabric - I barely notice the pockets.  Thanks to their celebrity following I already have lots of ideas on how to wear them and they blend nicely into my closet full of muted neutrals.  I wouldn't recommend breaking the bank to buy a pair as cargo pants are generally only good for a year or two before they become dated and work their way out again.  However, if you really want to, the celebrities are all wearing the J Brand interpretation.  I myself went for a pair of Mavis that are very similar (both pictured below).

 Top: J Brand Bottom: Mavi

 If you're looking for a quick way to update your wardrobe, skinny cargoes are great for their versatility and comfort: if you live in jeans it will be a smooth transition.  If you'd like some inspiration for how to wear cargoes, College Fashion has done several posts with suggestions, such as this one: