International Surprises

I started this blog with quiet hopes of grandeur and expansion but with solidly realistic expectations: most likely it would be frequented by a small number of my interested friends and the odd person who stumbled upon it by accident.

However, over the last few weeks I have been delighted to notice that what was once contained to Canada and the United States has now spread to Britain, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, China, and most recently Germany.  I am totally delighted!  The growth in readership has encouraged me to be more dedicated and regular about my posting - and I promise I have lots more to come!  If there's any concern I don't have it's that I'll ever run out of material.

What I'm trying to express is my sincere gratitude at your interest.  I will try to do you all justice in the future, and would consider it a wonderful compliment if you were to spread the word about my site.  In the meantime enjoy all the new content!

Update:  welcome to the fold Sweden and India!