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So every once in a while I'll do a peruse of HypeM's most popular tracks.  Today was one such day, and I came up with some winners.

Money To Divide - The White Panda.  If you're looking for a pump-up track for the gym or something to rock out to before going out, I would recommend this.  It's a great blend of rap and some melodic techno, which if you ask me make the best mash-ups.

Rolling in the Deep - Mike Posner.  This track is a cover of one of Adele's latest releases, and if you at all liked the original definitely check it out.  It's mellow and has beat and great shower singability.  The combination of Posner and Adele is totally intoxicating.

Rooftops - Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y.  This one comes from Wiz Khalifa's latest album, Rolling Papers.  As far as I'm concerned he proved his worth in Burn Before Rolling and Black and Yellow, but Rooftops brings to the table something a little more melodic.  If I were to compare it to something else I'd say it's a lot like Lupe Fiasco, another very talented musician.  Give it a listen.

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