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Drones - Jed Whedon and the Willing.  I actually picked this song up from Dollhouse, which if you're on the ball you'll know I just posted a review on.  Jed Whedon is actually Joss Whedon's brother, which probably helped him get his song into the series soundtrack.  Regardless, it's a great track.  It appeals to my love of all things melodic and mellow, and so I've basically had it on repeat for the last day or two.  This one isn't so easy to find anywhere free, so I wound up buying it off iTunes.  In case you'd like a point of reference when I first heard it I thought it was Death Cab for Cutie.  Unfortunately the only full version of the song I can find on youtube has a rather creepy screen shot from the tv series and the sound quality is poor, but try to ignore that and appreciate the song.

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