Facebook Find: "Friday"

So I'm going to start labeling this stuff "Facebook Find", because there's a mounting collection of posts dedicated to things I find on facebook.  The latest item?  This video, by Rebecca Black.  Not only is the song hilariously nasal, but it's filled with lyric gems like "Yesterday was Thursday, Today it is Friday... tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards," "Gotta get down to the bus stop, I see my friends, kicking in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat, gotta make my mind up - which seat can I take?"  This thing is making its way 'round the internet like herpes makes its way around the local Dominoes, so have a watch!  I think my favourite part is when they feature that poor old rapper who most likely is only there because of his mounting debt and repossessed property.  You can almost see the tears.