Favourite Things

23.  Grayshades.  Grayshades is another blog belonging to a friend of mine - without bias though, it is very awesome.  It would be cool enough with just the photo content, many of which have an eerie haunting quality that captures the subject beautifully.  My personal favourite is of a Chinese prostitute, which I wont try to describe because I know I wont do it justice.  However, this blog also includes a lot of mixes made by the blogger himself which have on their own merit already attracted significant attention.  It is a happy place for the artistically minded, and I enthusiastically recommend giving it a look.

24.  Ameer's Photostream.  Much like Grayshades, Ameer is a friend of mine who also happens to be prodigiously talented with a camera.  My favourites of his collection are the shots from India and Egypt.  In a culture where we are constantly presented with versions of the same face - female, white, symmetrical, young, slender, "classically" beautiful, un-marked - Ameer offers a variety of faces who are ignored by advertisers and other media.  He captures the character, strength and real beauty of the Other.  Not only is he amazing at photographing people, but his photography of the cityscapes is equally enchanting.

Now, this next item doesn't really qualify as something for the Favourite Things list as I've looked at it once and probably won't ever again.  However, it is absolutely hilarious.  Number 20 probably made me laugh hardest, and most likely that's because I grew up in an all-white sheltered small town area.  Anyway, enjoy.