In Celebration of Marchesa

Unlike my Eulogy for Chanel, this will actually be praise for Marchesa.  Maybe it's because it's past 1am, or maybe it's because I've already combed through exactly forty-one different Spring runway shows, but when I got to Marchesa I suddenly was no longer saying "Well that's impractical," and "Wrong shapes," and "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY COLOURS LOUIS VUITTON???" and instead just loved everything.
I've seen a lot of purple this shade so far, but I really loved the print on this piece.  The dress doesn't hug the figure, but the draping doesn't make her look like a pregnant disaster either.  I felt as though the fitted bodice (for lack of a better word) and the lack of sleeves or straps balanced out the bulky bottom.  I love the hint of leg and the pooling fabric on the ground.  All-around gorgeous.
This is just so COOL!  The design reminded me of the pattern on a butterfly's wings.  When I was a little girl there was a Bob Mackie barbie doll that was dressed as a butterfly and she looked a little like this.  I guess it's just so unlike any other pattern I've seen so far that I'm a little wooed by its uniqueness.
This dress is more practical than the others but just as lovely.  The white backdrop makes it a little difficult to see the fitted waist, but it has a great silhouette and I was very taken in by the rosettes.  If I could do prom over again I think I'd like to wear this.  Although come to think of it maybe I'll just try to find something similar for the Toronto International Film Festival.
Looking at this dress touches somewhere in my cold, nearly-empty heart.  It's just. so. pretty. The draped fabric on it's own is artfully done, but the embellishments on the hem, collar and cuff are just plain stunning.  Combined with the graduated fade... sigh.  This dress is ethereal, enchanting, exquisite.  Maybe a miracle will happen and Marchesa will somehow see this and give me one.  Fingers crossed.