Fashion Forecast: Short Story

Again and again designers chose to clothe their models in crop tops.  Before you cringe to yourself at the thought of bulging muffin-tops and exposed bellies, let me point out that this year's crop-top has several differences from the early 2000's "belly top".  This new incarnation boasts a looser silhouette, and rather than being paired with low-slung jeans (with the exception of in Michael Kors' show) is worn instead with high-waisted trousers and skirts.  As luck would have it, I actually bought a crop-top last April for a date, and it has turned out to be one of my favourite items despite my lack of a six-pack.  Mine is more like Badgley Mischka's version than the others, and has a high boat neck in the front that drapes down to expose the upper back, with loose sleeves that just graze the inner elbow.  Crop tops are a great way to update a look and still wear a t-shirt.  If you want to get a '70s vibe (very big this year - more on that later), I suggest pairing the crop-top with high-waisted belted jeans.  If you'd like something more modern a high-waisted fitted skirt will nicely balance out the looseness of the top (and is delightfully slimming).  If you REALLY want to go '70s then have a go at the peasant top version that gathers at the bust and the shoulders.  Anyway, without further adieu, here they are!  Photos courtesy of http://www.style.com/.

Badgley Mischka



Dolce and Gabbana

Marc Jacobs

 Michael Kors