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No Health - The New Division.  My sister recently introduced me to electro-pop crooners The New Division, via their album "The Rookie".  I am now certifiably in love, and am combing the internet for their tracks.  They combine my adoration for a relaxed melodic vibe and my love for techno, house, and electronica.  They remind me a little of '80s sensations like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys.


Starfield - The New Division.


Walk in the Dark - The New Division.


Armistice (The New Division Italo Mix) - Phoenix.  So while hunting around for stuff by New Division I stumbled across this remix and fell in LOVE.  I already adored Phoenix's album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix", and this remix takes Armistice to great places.  If you give one track on today's Listening To a listen, make it this one.


Lisztomania (Feat Jane Hanley) - Edwin Van Cleef.  Continuing the theme of Phoenix tracks, this cover by Edwin Van Cleef is a winner.  Very upbeat and danceable.  I'll be filing it away for the summertime.  Enjoy!


Black and Yellow (T-Pain Remix) - Dirty.  If you like the original, you'll like the remix.  I refuse to be embarrassed by my enduring appreciation of T-Pain.


Helena Beat - Foster the People.  I actually caught this one on a television show and found it so catchy I had to hunt it down by googling the lyrics.  It's kind of an Indie-pop, very danceable, lots of fun.


The Sun - The Naked and Famous.  Another track picked up off TV.  This one's less dance-like and more brooding, for lack of a better word.  Definitely a good one.  It's a lot like Blind by Mega Bass, if you're at all familiar with that one (it was on the Daydreaming Playlist).


Set Fire To the Rain - Adele.  I recently bought Adele's newest album, "21", which I'd heard good things about.  There are definitely songs that stand out more than others, and one of those was Set Fire to the Rain.  It's one of those power-ballad types that she just nails every time.

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