Listening To: Daydreaming Playlist

Hey everyone! So the very cool blogger Grayshades recently caught me up on how to post playlists. On that note, you really absolutely must check out his latest Mixtape Monday, which is totally prime. Anyway, seeing as I do a fair bit of music posting anyway, I figured this was probably a good idea. My Daydreaming playlist is probably what I listen to most often. The one on my iTunes is actually significantly longer than this (lots more Bon Iver and Beach House), but I figured I'd keep it short...ish. Plus, it took an unbelievably long time to organize the music so that it had good flow - something I've never bothered to do before. With that in mind I'll just add that it's way better if you listen to it start to finish, but as there are 50+ songs I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. Anyway, hope you love this stuff as much as I do!

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  1. This has become the soundtrack to my life! I love it.