Crippling Addiction

I have a confession to make, dear readers.  You are already aware of my total weakness for nail polish, but I must admit I have another weakness: shoes.  I am a terrible shoe-a-holic, and this weekend I totally caved (yet again) and bought new shoes.  Now in my defense I was shopping with my mother, a notorious enabler of this weakness of mine, and the shoes were from Michael Kors' MICHAEL line, and he just makes beautiful things always.  If anyone from Michael Kors ever reads this, please reciprocate my love and send me something free (my shoe size is 7.5).

Anyway, the shoes I bought are peep-toe espadrille wedges in an off-white colour with silver and caramel leather accents.  They're wonderfully comfortable and espadrilles are an on-trend item for this summer, but I confess when I brought them home (after one of those gut-wrenching impulse buys) I was stumped as to how to wear them.  Jeans (obviously), floral dresses (yes), army green (interesting), but what else?  Anyway, usually I can find answers to these questions by prowling celebrity street style or checking my favourite fashion websites/blogs, but this time I had no such luck!  So, I figured I'd pose the question to all of you and see if anyone had any interesting ideas.  Below are the new shoes, and I encourage you to share any thoughts you have of how to style them!


  1. Since you've got great legs, I feel like you could rock them with a pair of cuffed silk shorts

  2. What a great idea, I love it!

  3. what are you, a 40 year old woman with a sunhat heading to the beach? return these and go buy a decent pair of heels.