Designer Obsession: Gareth Pugh

The other day I was entertaining myself by watching an old-ish episode of Fashion Television.  When I started watching they were interviewing Karl Lagerfeld, so I spent a while laughing to myself at his accent, his ugly ugly clothing, and that the interviewer was asking where his "genius" ideas came from. 

Anyway, what caught my attention was the segment that followed, which was dedicated to up-and-coming designer Gareth Pugh (pronounced "Pew").  The episode was from early last year, and they were talking about how he was a designer being eyed to take on Alexander McQueen's design house after McQueen's suicide in early February.  Anyway, while conducting their interview they were showing some of Pugh's collection and WOW.  I was blown away by the lines, the ingenuity, and the variety in Pugh's designs (which are almost exclusively monochromatic and most often are black).  While some of his designs verge on a fashion closer to Haute Couture, many of them are absolutely wearable and undeniably cool.  He will definitely be on my watch list in the future.  For your own viewing pleasure below I have posted my favourites from his Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 runways.

Fall 2010

Fall 2011

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