Well if that's what you're into....

Recently I enjoyed a post on Diary of a Spinster Aunt where the authoress mused about the bizarre referrals she was getting from Google searches.  I heartily enjoyed it and reflected on how the strangest Google referrals I get are generally garbled misspellings of the blog title - serves me right for choosing a name no one can spell, let alone pronounce.

Anyway, amusingly enough only a couple of weeks later when I was checking my own blog stats I discovered several totally weird referring sites and searches:

For starters, I am pumped that the Royal Wedding manicure is getting out to the world.  But can someone please tell me what "a shoe called arbiter" is all about?  The only thing that occurs to me is that it is some kind of children's book.  However, while the "a shoe called arbiter" search referral interests me, the "www.mygfgetfucked.com" referral scares me a little.  To be honest I've been too afraid of what I might find to check out the site.  With a title like that I can't imagine anything good.  I've narrowed it down to either porn or some kind of break-up revenge thing.  Who knows?  Anyway, at the very least I figured it was worth a laugh.  I look forward to enjoying your various strange searches in the future.  

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