Marvelous Manicure: Lady Sings the Blues

Alright, so this is going to be just a quick post since I have to spend the rest of my afternoon packing.  While in the city yesterday to pick up my passport I made the mistake of checking out Holt Renfrew's Deborah Lippmann counter.  Well, surprise surprise, I found an absolutely stunning colour and had to take it home!  It's called Lady Sings the Blues from Lippmann's All That Jazz collection.  The polish is a deep navy blue with small and large silver sparkles mixed into it.  You may remember it from when Lea Michelle wore it on the red carpet at some awards show or another.

Anyway, as for my review: absolutely love it!  Application was great; after two coats it was good and opaque.  Because of the sparkles two coats of top coat are necessary to avoid lumps.  The polish is totally mesmerizing, I feel as though I have the Milky Way on my fingertips!  I've spent a significant portion of the day staring at my hands, which is generally the sign of a great mani.

Word to the wise: Deborah Lippmann polishes are on the pricey side of the polish spectrum.  While you can probably get them for less online, in stores they retail for about $24.  Most of the time I find that a ridiculous amount to spend on nail polish, but I will say that it is worth investing in Lippmann's sparkle polishes as they are unlike any other sparkle polish I've ever seen.  So if you can afford it, DO IT!

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