All the good ones are taken

Enough said.

Now on to everything else!

Well, let's start with last night, which sure was interesting.  That is if by "interesting" you mean "terrifyingly unsettling", and not the kind of terrified unsettled-ness you get from an (early) M. Night Shmamylaningananangyynan movie.  Nope, at approximately 3:30am I was woken by what I can only describe as a blood-curdling scream.  I've got to say, of all the ways to be woken from a deep sleep that is easily the worst.  It had all the prerequisites for awfulness: I was in the deepest sleep and therefore disorientation was maximized upon waking; it was still pitch dark and therefore scarier; I'm in a whole different country and totally isolated; I don't have a phone to call the police; I don't even know the phone number for the police (hint: it isn't 911 here).  Anyway, I awoke to a scream followed by sounds of arguing which went on for perhaps ten minutes.  After the initial "fight, flight or panic"response, I realised that it was a bunch of men speaking some kind of Arabic dialect, and the scream had been one of those yodel-type things that they show crazy terrorists doing in bad films.  I swear I'm not lying.  Some more listening led me to believe that these geniuses were out on one of the balconies continuing their totally-normal Wednesday night revelry.  Now as much as I was tempted to go out and tell these stereotype perpetuaters to shut it, I decided the wiser decision would be to hide inside and try to sleep.  Really Germany?  What next?!

Anyway, as for work, things are still going pretty well.  We had a conference call today (most of which I didn't understand since it was all in German - sigh) which was exciting!  Unfortunately the ideas of mine they had initially liked need some more tweaking before they're quite right, but on the bright side the Creative Director really liked a different idea of mine that had been passed over before, so I'm pretty pleased!  I also got to do a little more copywriting, which I find alternately frustrating and fun (in a challenging way).  I've also been spending some time getting to know my coworkers a little more and am fitting in more comfortably at the office - there are some really cool people here.  I feel like I've said this in every post but literally every day I get a better understanding of this business and its different components.  While I thought I might enjoy things here I didn't think things would be this great so soon!  I still have a ton of work ahead of me (especially in Photoshop, which seems to be my Achilles heel) I really enjoy the creative process.  Every day brings something new and challenges a different part of imagination.  It's quite exhilarating to feel like I am making progress in building a career for myself, something that is exceptionally difficult in this economy.  But enough of that.

Today I finally got up the courage to go grocery shopping!  It's been a full ten days since I arrived, but I just couldn't bring myself to get groceries, which has never been a favourite activity of mine.  Anyway, it wasn't quite as hard as I imagined it would be.  Most things are recognizable, but some things you kind of have to guess at, like what kind of milk you're buying or what-the-fuck-kind-of-cheese-is-this?  I wish I hadn't gone on an empty stomach though, because somehow I came home with a jar full of Nutella (blame it on Europe) and one or two other comfort foods.

Well that about concludes this entry, I'm off to skype with my sister!  I'll try and update Saturday since on Friday night I'm off to a themed-night at a club downtown with some of the girls from work!  It should be a lot of fun and craziness, so I'll do my best to keep track of all the stories for you.  Until next time, tschuss!

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