Shopaholism Strikes Again

I blame my sister.  After pulling double-shift I arrived home with diminished resistance to all things shiny and she showed me the most beautiful shoes, on sale for 53% off on Haute Look (if you don't already know about Haute Look you should).  Now normally I don't buy shoes online because you can't try them on and that's important.  However, as luck would have it sister dearest has some boots by Pour La Victoire (the brand in question), so I was able to try them on and determine my size.  Between that and my general addiction to flats - which I really do spend my life in - there was no chance I could say no.  Plus, I can wear them to work in Germany, so it's totally practical....  So, in a few weeks' time (maybe a month, their shipping takes FOREVER), I'll be the proud owner of these beauties:


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