Alright, I am officially waving the white flag of surrender... temporarily.  I have been a terrible blogger lately and there isn't much chance of improvement in the near future.  My (short version) current to-do list includes:

- Get more hours at work!
- Try and fit in a little exercise each day
- Sort out work visa for Germany (which means getting new passport photos, getting a doctor to attest to my health so I can enter the country, getting a letter of intention from my prospective employers, and filling out impressive amounts of paperwork - then paying for it!)
- Learning German with my recently purchased Rosetta Stone package.
- Put together final last-minute details for my upcoming Convocation
- Sort out details of my internship, including where in the hell I'll be staying, how I'll be getting there, etc.
- Brush up on my graphic design skills with the Adobe programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

So, between prepping for my first adventure on my own outside of my home country and learning a whole new language while desperately trying to save some funds there is just NO TIME for blogging.

This isn't the end though - far from it.  I'm just going to be taking some official time off until I head out and get myself together in good old Deutschland.  Once things are a little more together I will resume blogging with my old fervor and plenty of new material.  If things all go well then hopefully that will be around the beginning of July.

Until then, I encourage you to check out the Favourite Things tab for sites that can entertain you in the meantime.

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