Marvelous Manicure(s): Twice the Fun

Get ready for it - I have TWO manicures for you today!  While I had given myself a pretty cool one at the beginning of this week, I bought a new shade yesterday and couldn't wait to try it on... so I didn't.  Anyway, let's get started!  Manicure number one started with "Iceberg Lotus" by Nicole, with some "Nicole... Spotted!" on the tips (that's the first pic), but I found this was a little on the boring side, so I used my Sally Hansen nail pens to add some silver and black leopard spots (second pic), which I was fairly satisfied with.  I should also add that with that vibrant green it will absolutely stain your nails, so use base coat!  I use Seche Natural, which did an impressive job of blocking stains.

In the third picture is my latest manicure, where I used Lise Watier's "Fun in the Sun".  I haven't used Lise Watier polish before, so this was something of a test run.  The colour dried just a liiiittle bit more red than in the bottle, and the consistency is on the clear side, but after two coats it looks quite nice.  While I have a Revlon polish that is very close in colour to "Fun in the Sun", I can't say I regret getting it... it's just such a great summer colour!

As a last note, you'll notice a book in the background of the last pic - that's Empire of Illusion, which I am trudging through and fully intend to review as I am almost done and it has been a fascinating read.  Unfortunately I have found over the last few months that I've developed something of a literature ADD.  Once upon a time I was the type of person who chose a book and then read it cover to cover, and only ever read one book at a time (otherwise I found it distracting).  However, since completing my degree (yay!) I have a new-found inability to focus on just one book.  Perhaps my brain is nostalgic for the days where I had 30 different books to read a semester, but regardless the effect has been clear: I am part-way through at least five different books right now, which is why my book reviews have been non-existent over the last little while.  I have finished reading several books (I'm not THAT slow a reader), but they're just not review-worthy.  Anyway, I'm rambling.  The point is, reviews are coming!

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