Facebook Find: Couldn't Resist

So this should be funny to only a very small collection of my readers who are familiar with Victoria, but I saw it, died laughing, and couldn't resist re-posting it.  I found it on Facebook, and Facebook seemed to have gotten it from an anonymous donor.  Anyway, it is hilariously accurate.  In case you're wondering I lived in the pink section labeled Old People who couldn't afford Oak Bay, and rented from old people who in fact live in Oak Bay.  My lovely landlords happen to be 91 and 80-something (respectively) and live on the divide between Old Money and The Old, Sick and Dying.  How appropriate.  I think my favourite part is the labeling of Esquimalt as Poverty Island, because when isn't economic inequality funny?  Also, for those of you who don't know, there is indeed an "Apocalypse Man".  His favourite topics include Satan's impending world-takeover and how HAARP is really a scheme to brainwash the world.  If provoked he will start quoting Scripture.  Consider yourself warned.

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