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I know, I know.  I promised you playlists and have yet to follow through.  With my departure for Germany looming (flights are booked, July 17 I am OUT OF HERE!) things are exceptionally busy and distracting, and I'm afraid making playlists isn't too high on the priority list.  Be comforted though, soon I'll be updating with all the latest street style and great music news from the good old Fatherland.  Was that politically incorrect?  I don't even know anymore.  Anyway, here we go:

Bon Iver - Bon Iver.  I have been waiting semi-patiently for the latest album from Bon Iver to drop, and he did not disappoint.  Many of you will already have heard Calgary, which was released some weeks back and was totally awesome.  The album retains Bon Iver's signature sound: folksy, mellow, melodic, etcetera.  While I would venture to say he has tweaked his sound just a little, I can't go as far as to say how because I'm not an intensely-trained musician.  So, decide for yourself, but I challenge you not to love it regardless.

Kaputting It Up (Raekwon vs Destroyer) - The Hood Internet.  While I love Bon Iver as much as the next person, I've also been craving some good dance tunes for the summer.  So, while trolling around on HypeM I stumbled across this, which is Hood Internet gooooold.  They've thrown together some vaguely Euro-pop music that could've come straight out of the early '90s with some generic rapping on top: you can never go wrong with that combo.  Anyway, the product is a track you can't help but blast.

Blowin' Money At The Deli (Drake x Birdman x Delorean) - The Hood Internet.  I'll be the first to say it: Drake's Money To Blow has been remixed so many times it makes my head spin, and it's allllmost to the point where I'm sick of the track.  However, in this track it's been laid over some upbeat tunes that do an impressive job of re-vamping the whole sound.  Overall, you don't so much notice the familiarity of the lyrics, but BONUS, it's easier to rap to (yeah I do that).

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