Marvelous Manicure: Snake Print

I know everyone, it has been way too long since I uploaded a manicure pic.  However, after all Friday night's partying on Saturday I was very ready to settle down to some docile activity.  I've also been absolutely obsessed with snake print recently, which you should all know is a hot ticket item this season.  I'll confess that I didn't always love it the way I do now.  In fact, I used to think it was trashy and gross, which is why this sudden love for it surprises me.

But now for the details: I started with a coat of Chanel's Particuliere, then used Sally Hansen nail pens in gold and black to add the scales.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out, especially given how damn hard snake print is to replicate.  I won't even get into how long it took to do my right hand.

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